Play dress up in the bedroom with YESee sexy lingerie costumes! Earn some bonus points as a sexy school girl, stop some hearts as a sexy nurse, or look tres magnifique as a sexy French maid. What’s your fantasy?

What fabrics does sexy Lingerie come in?

As we’ve mentioned, looking sexy doesn’t have to mean showing the most skin possible – sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can have the biggest effect. The fabrics usually used in women’s sexy underwear range from sheer to opaque, allowing you to make this decision and choose your dare-level when it comes to how revealing you want your lingerie to be.

Lace is one of the most popular fabrics used in sensual underwear as it provides the best of both worlds, giving coverage while also showing a bit of flesh. It comes in many different designs, styles and colours, depending on your preferred aesthetic. Some knickers are made entirely of lace while others just have lace detail, giving you the option to show a little or a lot.

Mesh is also frequently used in sexy garments due to its sheer appearance. Some mesh is used in shapewear items such as high waist knickers as it can be great at sculpting your figure. Plenty of other knicker styles have mesh sections, showing off the body without being completely nude.

Satin-style fabrics made from polyamide and elastane give the sexy, retro look of burlesque models while still being stretchy and comfortable. If you love the vintage style then this fabric might be a great option for you, providing both comfort and sexiness together.

 Sexy underwear can make you feel beautiful and confident as well as spicing up your lingerie collection. Ladies sexy underwear comes in so many different styles, so whether you’re planning a date night or just want to feel like the best version of yourself, there’s something for everyone. From tiny thongs to detailed high-waisted briefs, you can look and feel amazing with just one simple garment. Find one that suits you, and you’ll never look back.

What are the different types of Lingerie Costumes?

If you’re looking for sexy knickers to add some zing into your collection, consider all the different styles instead of going for the same ones as usual. Our range of cheap Underwear is packed with options for you to try – you might just surprise yourself.


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